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Jan 22, 2013 4:30am PST
but it looks a lot better than it is usually. i think we will bet back to some rain what do you think? >> well, two home invasion robberies have neighbors on edge and police department is planning for a rowdy situation coming up. >> we will have more on the weather forecast straight ad had. >2Ñlñ@ e@ . >>> good morning skies are turning cloudy and we will have highs in the 60s with mostly cloudy skies by this afternoon. >>> good morning, 4:45, the 4.9 magnitude quake and after shock came 26 minutes later, a young girl was found dead in her home buried under some rubble. in 2005 there was another earth wake most in that province. >>> it started in a civil engineering squad drone and one person was able to get out safely. the cause of the fire is still under rex. >>> they are hoping -- the cause of this still is still not known. >>> they are hoping to catch the suspect, they escaped after getting through bullet proof glass. >>> up to five armed masked robbers forced their way through and four minutes later, they reportedly punched a woman, locked her husband in the basement, the suspects got a
Jan 10, 2013 4:30am PST
about football right now, sal. >> it is a huge game and i am already getting nervous, pam. >> i bet. >> let's look at what we have, traffic is doing well for this august morning and now eastbound 80 you see some flashing lights and it is not causing any delay the and it looks like it might be mooching off the freeway whatever that is but it is not causing any delays at all. we are also, once it prepares each night it is 4:44 let's go to steve. >>> have i interesting pattern. not only do we get the cold, but next week looks sunny and warm and maybe we could get a lot of rain. we have the cold right now and some of this cold is producing some shower activity 30s on the terms to your and the coldest air has not moved in yet it is about really over towards pacific can -- pacifica and there is more land and it's more supportive. ben low man 2500 feet. a lot of 30s so i would not be surprised if they want to mix it but i tell you this is close to to getting sun and showers. scattered showers, these are showers, usually i say rain but very low snow levels and temperatures today they will
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2